wget2  2.0.0
File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 atom_url.cURL extraction from Atom feed XML data
 bar.cProgress Bar Routines
 base64.cBase64 functions
 bitmap.cFunctions for bitmap
 buffer.cBuffer management functions
 buffer_printf.cBuffer management functions
 console.cConsole functions
 dns.cFunctions for resolving names/IPs
 dns_cache.cFunctions for DNS caching
 error.cError functions
 hash_printf.cHash convenience functions
 hashfile.cHashing functions
 hashmap.cHashmap functions
 hpkp.cHTTP Public Key Pinning (RFC 7469) routines
 hsts.cHTTP Strict Transport Security (RFC 6797) routines
 io.cI/O helper routines
 ip.cIP address functions
 iri.cFunctions to work with URIs and IRIs
 list.cDouble linked list routines
 mem.cMemory functions
 net.cFunctions to work with TCP sockets and SSL/TLS
 ocsp.cOnline Certificate Status Protocol (RFC 2560) routines
 plugin.cPlugin API for wget2
 printf.cLibwget printf functions
 random.cRandom functions
 robots.cRobots Exclusion file parser
 sitemap_url.cURL extraction from Sitemap XML data
 ssl_gnutls.cFunctions for establishing and managing SSL/TLS connections
 ssl_wolfssl.cFunctions for establishing and managing SSL/TLS connections
 stringmap.cStringmap functions
 thread.cImplementation of multi-threading basic functionality
 utils.cGeneral utility functions
 vector.cVector functions
 xalloc.cMemory allocation functions
 xml.cXML parsing functions